As we build Element we are immensely grateful for the support, insights and connectivity from our friends and network.

Zia Hayat Founder & CEO, Callsign
Joe Nehorai Goldman Sachs
Samantha Wren CEO, IPGL
Brendan Woods Founder & CEO, Autoentry
Pullen Daniel Co-founder & SVP, nCino
David Rutter Founder & CEO, R3
Christian Nentwich Founder & CEO, Duco
Marc Murphy Founder & CEO, Fenergo
Cris Conde Founder & CEO, SunGard
Lord Spencer Founder & CEO, ICAP/NEX Group
Manoj Saxena Founder, IBM Watson
Josh Glover Co-founder & SVP, nCino
Tim Sykes Co-founder, FinTech Connex
Thomas Chippas CEO, ErisX
Morten Schlosser Tech Entrepreneur
Anna Ewing Board member, former CIO Nasdaq
John Purdy Founder & CEO, ERGO
Per Sjoberg Founder & CEO, TriOptima
James Hardy State Street
Pierre Naudé Co-founder & CEO, nCino