Digital Identity

Olly and Jack started Thirdfort because they saw the pain of a friend being defrauded. It’s made them deeply mission-driven founders determined to change the way businesses and consumers transact.

Digitisation of processes

KYC/AML and Open banking powered Source of Funds verification

Strong adoption

700 business clients and 15 leading partners using the platform; 500,000 app downloads

Rapid growth

4x revenue and 30x customer growth since 2020


Securing high-value life transactions

No more risky business

Thirdfort technology is reducing business risk by offering automated ID verification, AML compliance and source of funds checks. The secure and in-app experience offers document scanning, facial recognition and passport chip reading. Thirdfort powers ID checks for over 250 legal and property firms through partnerships. This drives over 10k ID and Source of Funds checks every month.


businesses already using Thirdfort to make client onboarding safer and faster


partners use Thirdfort's simple API speeding up launching new compliance processes

Growing the team

Olly and Jack started Thirdfort to protect life’s big transactions so businesses and their clients can move fearlessly. Explore Thirdfort’s current vacancies and see how can you be a part of the growing them in Manchester, London or Colombo, Sri Lanka.


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